Bata mi adun ko..ko..ka

Ti m ba ka iwe mi…tra la la la la….LA LA LA!

This is coming a little late, but a few days ago I was featured as a “success story” on the London College of Fashion’s facebook page. Having completed a slew of courses at the college, I was contacted to write a testimonial about my experience because they had tracked me down, somehow got the impression that I had distinguished myself and wanted to use me as an example of what one can achieve with the LCF/CSM short courses. So the testimonial is now featured on their facebook page and will eventually feature on the college website..

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 00.44.45

Hm! This is me, Ewemade. Someone is calling me a success story. Me, the child that simply could not tell the difference between left and right (still takes me some time to remember which is which), me that my mother used to hold a cane up as she tried to explain how reading the clock worked (need I say that I ofcourse, learned nothing as I could not, for an instant, remove my eyes from the cane. I just couldn’t)…me that could not tell the letters “D” and “B” apart (e.g my name is Ewemabe and “Bavid {David} is a fine doy {boy}). While I was growing up, I was surrounded by and spoiled with love. From my mother, my sisters and my brother. But I was not the smart one…ever! I was a HAPPY under achiever. Iwiyisi was the smart, ambitious one and I was delighted to slip under the rader and into her shadow. I didn’t want to be first or last..I just didn’t want to get flogged for failing. So I would just read enough to sha pass.

Infact, there have been many times when Iwiyisi (amongst others) has suspected that at some point, SURELY, I must have been dropped on my head. Just because I didn’t care. But finally, when I became a teenager, like magic, I found something I loved, creating and shaping fashion….mine and others. Once I found it, nothing could deter me. Not the blazing sun in Tejuosho market where I had to trudge around looking for fabric among catcalls and statements like “why I no go toush you, are you untoushable?” from the comical igbo traders, nor working with tailors that wouldn’t know what a deadline was if they walked right into one…no, nothing could stop me from pursuing this line of work because it was something (FINALLY) that I could be bothered with.

So I tried and tried and tried to make a name for myself and I am still on the way. And in this life, there will always be the “reminders”. Those people that will bring back to memory, all the attempts you made and failed at. It is okay, shake them off and know the very worst thing that can happen to you today is that you will fail. But who knows? Tomorrow, you just might win! So my bata is ko ko ka-ing as I am trudging slowly and steadily along and one day-one day I will get where it is that I am going…as will you….and you….and you….

This outfit was my final Yinka tribute. Yinka was a biker so I took my biker jacket to work that day and wore it JUST for Tomi to take the snapture. Hm! The things I do for love. Did I mention that it was leather!?! I was COOKING, I mean just baking inside that jacket. Almost had heat stroke but at least we got our shot…ko….ko….ka!IMG_6784IMG_6783IMG_6778 IMG_6776IMG_6779


Face cap: Gift from my sure boy

Jacket: Zara

T-shirt: H&M

Leggings: Zara

Necklace: Accesorize

Handbag: Jimmy Choo

Sneakers: Mui Mui

Ring: Iwiyisi’s…again 🙂




Matilda's Child


  1. God uses the least likely to do the most mighty…init? 🙂 I’m inspired Ewemabe

  2. Prad of yew boo. Always been.
    LOVE love LOVE this look. That jacket tori Olorun…looks like something you can spread on bread and get fat eating. Bella.
    Love the shoes love the face cap.
    Love the write up.

  3. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

    Ewwy is that you in sneaks???? Lol… I have that exact jack too(*dancing*)

    I shall say one of my favorite prayers.. “May God continue to bless your hustle and crown your efforts with success”. Amen.

  4. Very proud of our ‘Made!
    More power and all sorts of happiness to your elbow..
    * big hug

  5. Mend miboo. SOO upset. Posted something truly inspired (if I do say so misself). Kent see it any wia. Prad of you boo. Always been.
    Bigger and better things to come.
    LoHooooove the combo. Everything. Particularly that pressure cooker. So LAVLY. Looks like you should spread it on bread and get fat eating it . Looks like LINDT chocolate.
    Hmmm…I might be hungry.
    Lurr you boo.
    Ps gimme back miring! Pilferer!

  6. Iwisi’s sister, (if I’ve spelt her name wrong, well sorry, it’s how I always had her name in my head)

    I love today’s write up, I have been reading your posts for a couple of weeks now, since I saw one of them on my FB page via Iwisi’s liking it… I have to say, you, are an amazing writer, I am forever reading stuff and if you don’t grab my attention in the first two lines, well, I am out of there, never to return but you have been consistently good. You are good (no that’s too mild a word) great at what you do, whether it be writing or your sense of style. You rock at it, you go girl.

  7. Congrats ewemade! You’ve always been a creative artist! May God increase you and make you bigger and ‘best’ at what you do!

  8. Hmmm i hate to be a snitch Isi, but i have heard u make ref to the ‘falling on her head’ bit ..loooooll. so proud of you Ewemade! its only just the beginning labara Jesu 🙂

  9. That the worst that can happen to you today is that you fail. Profundo! If you’re cool with that then you’re absolutely unstoppable. I like it! Congratulations on turning short courses into THIS! Truly remarkable.

  10. Congrats dear! You shall continue to shine exceedingly in all you do. Amen.

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