The Great Christmas Giveaway

“Silver bells….silver bells…it’s Christmas time in the city….”

The entire house is awash with Bing Crosby’s liquid baritone. *Stretch* *Yawn*. Ooooh! I can hear joints cracking into place, tired from the day before that I spent playing on the swing and see-saw at the back of our house. My mum never wants us to leave the house so she has created a play ground behind our house and we call it “the sand pit”. I am still tired and I sense that I have at least two more hours of sleep in me so I turn over languidly to resume my sleep and I am frightened half out of my skin.

Right there, next to me is a pair of eyes, massive and apparently floating on their own, staring anxiously and quietly at me. I draw back, scared for my life and quickly the floating eyes are joined by an even more frightening set of stark white floating teeth. As my vision (and my mind) begins to clear, the rest of what is holding these floating objects together becomes more visible to me. It is the phenomenon known to my family and now hers as “Christmas Iwiyisi”.

Christmas Iwiyisi /ˈkrisməs/ /ˈiwiyisiː/

  1. term used in describing version of Sister that appears at Christmas time.  Extremely happy and excitable, given to short bursts of interests in conversation followed by long drifts off to happy place with bizarre distant smile and dreamy looks. “christmas Iwiyisi has put up the tree again and it is only June.”. 

Sigh! She has spotted me and seen the stirrings of consciousness…it is too late now. The Shark has smelled blood, my heart sinks as the sleep scurries away from my eyes, apparently as scared as I am, of the look of determination in Iwiyisi’s massive eyes.

“Finally! You’re awake! It’s Christmas day Made! Christmasss!” I want to frown and chastise her for waking me up with her intense stare (You know the kind now!) but I am betrayed by my own body, I can’t help my smile. It IS Christmas day! What better day is there in the world! I mean, just when you feel so warm and happy and you feel like a morning could not possibly get any better, the smell of Satis sausages and Satis meatballs frying in the kitchen (whatever happened to them?) wafts up and challenges you.

I quickly throw away my covers and Iwiyisi and I run out of our room, holding the floor to ceiling rails as we fly down the stairs, moving as quickly as our tiny feet can carry us. By now, Boney M is blaring out “Mary’s Born Child” and our childhood home on Olukole Street looks like Christmas exploded right in the centre of it. In the corner is the tree we all went to buy at Oke Arin Market earlier on in the year and we all decorated with tinsel and cotton balls…my mother has wrapped gifts for all of us and they sit beneath the tree. Across the room, my mum has set up a banquet table. it is positively creaking! Salads, fried chicken, nutmeg flavoured puff puff, pancakes, home made chin-chin, jollof rice, fried rice, fried plantain, fried meat, goat meat, sausages, meat balls, bread rolls, omelettes…and its not even eleven a.m yet…

My single, widowed mother…who never wanted us to feel any different from any other children…I never stopped for one day to wonder how early she would have woken up to make this day perfect for us. But what did I know? I was a child.

Where did that feeling go? The Carols, the bells, father Christmas (You know, Nigerian speak for Santa claus, the two versions of ‘Father Christmas”, Really Scary Santa and slightly less Scary Santa), Maltina Christmas show (“I want to wish my mummy and my daddy…”)

Maybe it’s all the hits we’ve taken this year as a nation, or as black people, or as a human race…or maybe I’ve just grown up..but this year, it doesn’t feel so Christmassy, not quite as cheerful or as colourful…or maybe it is just me. But I decided to add a little cheer of my own. In so doing, I called on a few friends of mine and they were happy to help as well. So we are doing a giveaway this year. A bunch of us, so please follow @weddingdigestnaija and the rest of us on our IG and social media handles for whichever gifts you are interested in.

Matilda’s Child will be giving away a pair of Miss KG shoes and a love Moschino Purse (@matildaschild)

Bunnie Bees will be giving away Free Aso Ebi of 5 yards each to up to three Sisters of a lucky bride (@bunniebees_fabrics)

Bimms Aso Oke will be giving away  a Custom designed Aso oke set for a Bride and groom and full custom traditional wedding jewellery set for the Bride. (@bimmms24)

Stella’s Addiction will be giving a lucky bride full Traditional Wedding Make Up for free! (@stellasaddiction)

Syden Interactive (our very own developer responsible for the  shakara couture website, the  nubian closet website and my wedding website {password:1805}) will be giving away a free stunning dream wedding website for a couple

Elle’s Icebox will be giving away 50 free cocktails to a lucky winner for an event of their choice (@ellesicebox)

Itsy Bitsy Kids will be giving away a children’s table for 20 at a wedding which will include Party packs and small games (@itsybitsykids)

Trendy Bee Elite Events will be giving away free Wedding planning for a May bride! (@bisolatrendybee)

The Nail Bar Abuja (Yes Abuja!!! We remembered you!) will be giving a Luminous Body Polish and Wrap Duo (A brightening body scrub and body wrap session which includes a sauna session – 75 minutes) (@thenailbarng)

Nwando’s Signature will be giving free Luxe Decor for a bride’s traditional wedding (Yes! The entire thing!) (@nwandossignature)

Shakara Couture will be giving a Shakara Luxe Reception dress 🙂 (@shakaracouture)

I jacobs Bella Casa will be giving away free Interior Decorating Consultation for the winning couple’s first home (IJacobs FB Page)

Chop Options will give away Free Food delivery to a newly married couple for one month (@chopoptions)

IQ Pro booth Photo booths will be giving away a free Photo Booth for an event  (@iqprobooth)

Kimono Kollection will be giving away two custom made Suits. One for a groom and one for his best man (@kimonokollection)

Swish Ideas  will be giving away 30 gift packs for a bridal shower OR twenty gift packs for a bridal train (@swishideas)

I hope you like our gifts and we will keep updating you. So if you have seen anything on here that you’d like to win for yourself or you’d like for someone else to win, please share this page with them and we will be in touch with how to qualify! Thank you!

Don’t forget to share and Merrrrrry Christmas!

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Matilda's Child


  1. You clearly had a wonderful childhood, for those of us who hated satis we missed oh, kai! Thanks for sharing the joy of Christmas…kisses!

  2. This is soooo amazing. I pray God’s blessings never eludes any one of you. Congrats in advance to the lucky winners.

  3. Merry Christmas Ewems…. I agree with uuu, doesn’t feel sooo Christmassy dis year. I am a law student stuck in school dis holiday cos I av exams as soon as d new year waltz in…

  4. I’m touched by your generosity and will definitely share on my FB. I’m a big Christmas baby though, I’ve been playing Christmas carols and all, don’t get me started about my love for Christmas.

  5. Wooow…! All the gifts got my head spinning. Thank you on behalf of whoever will win this. Have a wonderful Xmas and I pray some day the joy of the season returns back to us. God bless u Made!

  6. Christmas in the air! All i want is the shoes and purse matildaschild is giving away(at least that’s not for a bride or couple). #singlegirlchristmas

  7. Wow! Ewemade and Friends! You guys are really bringing back the spirit of Christmas. I’m interested in this giveaway oh. I’m getting married March 2015 and winning some of these gifts will definitely make me sooo happy! I’m not on instagram at the moment, so I’ll follow everyone on facebook and twitter. Matter of fact, I’ll just sign up for instagram simply because of this giveaway. Will be looking forward to your sharing the rules.
    Well done Ewemade. God bless you.

  8. awwwwwwwwww….
    but wow though…these gifts…unreal. well done mend. brilliant idea.

  9. Good day ma’am, I am the winner of the purse for the #thegreatchristmasgetaway. @mo-daini hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

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